Choosing Joy

(Post for Delight Ministries from Summer 2017) You hear the phrase “choose joy” thrown around a lot, especially in Christian circles. I’m guilty of using it too…. but what I realized is that no one ever really tells you what that looks like, or how to actually choose joy, because it's a lot easier said than done. I’m... Continue Reading →

Happy for Her (Actually)

Last year I wrote a post called when it’s hard to be happy for her, that was a genuine reflection of how I was feeling at the time. However, I had this aha moment of realization this past summer when a friend got engaged of “wait… I AM so happy for her!” It was happy... Continue Reading →

Dear High School Seniors

Dear High School Seniors, You've been on my heart. I was in a similar situation during my senior year of high school and find myself in somewhat of a similar situation now as my final semester of law school has moved online and graduation postponed. I just want to offer a word of hope and... Continue Reading →

If 2018 wasn’t your year

It’s New Years Eve & I’m scrolling through social media seeing a ton of posts about what an amazing year people had. I can’t help feeling like “well, that’s nice for you but 2018 wasn’t really my year” and I know it wasn’t a great year for a lot of other people. I’m sure I... Continue Reading →

Choosing & Losing

I really struggle with making choices- both large and small, but it's the big decisions, like what city I want to live in, what career I want to end up in, whether to leave or stay where I am, what job to take…etc. those are ones that truly terrify me and just listing them out,... Continue Reading →

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