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“Faith is something extremely personal, but not at all private.” -Tim Keller

I’m not really much of a blogger, but the quote above is something I saw on Twitter that really stuck with me. My life’s story seems to be marked and propelled by grace and grit (and couldn’t forget my ultimate comfort food…. grits).

I’m just constantly in awe of the way I see Christ bring beauty out of brokenness and felt compelled to share little pieces of my heart, story, and struggle on here. I’ve realized that God’s grace is just too sweet for me to keep it to myself, and I believe He uses it all–the ugliest, messiest parts of our story–for good.

Vulnerability is something I used to absolutely sprint away from in fear of people seeing my weak spots, but something I now see as courageous and essential and have had my heart and relationships absolutely transformed through. I hope this blog can encourage you in some way, shape, or form, and I am just thankful to be a broken vessel passing on some of the sweetest truths.

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