The Girl with the Cane

Law school is insanely hard and recovering from a broken femur is insanely hard. I've become very familiar with mental and physical exhaustion, yet somehow there's been this constant sense of joy that I can't really put into words. It comes in part, from knowing that in spite of all the tough stuff (that I... Continue Reading →


If you’ve read When God Lets You Break you know that four years ago I broke my femur in a car-accident, and that also it’s been an uphill battle every day since then. For so long I’ve just thought this pain was normal and something I was just going to have to deal with long-term.... Continue Reading →

Senior Sentiments

Looking back on my time at Pepperdine, I can’t help but be constantly overwhelmed at how much I've grown the past four years and God's goodness to me in that. It’s not that every moment has been wonderful, but that there has been so much good that has come out of every experience. College is... Continue Reading →

When God Lets You Break

I should not be alive. I cannot help but live every day with this truth, each one a gift that I don’t deserve. If you know me you know I live minimizing risk, I’m cautious, not a thill seeker--which not everyone gets, but that's okay. You cannot expect someone else to fully understand your experience... Continue Reading →

Unforgiveness & Bitterness

In Christ, there is no room for brazen bitterness or holding onto resentment. I’ve lived there- in that place where I’ve been consumed by negativity with a hardened heart, letting times I was wronged inflate my own sense of self, letting it fuel my fire and creating a whole lot of sass (and not the... Continue Reading →

It’s okay to not be okay

Do you know how we overcome stigmas about mental health? We talk about them. Instead of hiding our insecurities, our struggles, our sadness… we talk about them, because life can be hard and we’re not expected to be great all the time. It’s okay to not be okay sometimes. If you are reading this and... Continue Reading →

Giving up gossip

For lent this year, I was thinking of what I could give up that would truly glorify God for me to go without. After some thought I decided to give up gossiping and criticizing or being judgmental of others or myself. This has been something on my heart lately and something that I know most... Continue Reading →

Unearned grace

There is a part of me that really wants to earn my grace. It’s the prideful part of me that wants to be "like Hey Jesus, look at what a good Christian I’ve been, look at this good deed I did, etc." and build up a list of credit to somehow justify even a piece... Continue Reading →

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